28 Sep

Hell Woods Opening Weekend

SAVE BIG OPENING WEEKEND! All tickets are $10 dollars off regular price. Friday the 28th & Saturday the 29th of September.
5 Oct

Hell Woods

Open Thursday thru Sunday and extended days the week of Halloween. Admission into Hell Woods is for a 30-45 minute walk through the Woods.


If Hell Woods is closed due to inclement weather and you have purchased your ticket online, you may use your ticket on the next day of the week we are open. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.


Hell Woods DOES NOT sell, distribute or share any personal data collected from our customers when tickets are purchased online. We will only use your email address to provide information regarding upcoming events. When you order tickets online, you are transferred to a secure gateway, Stripe.Com, that is PCI DSS security compliant.

Will It Scare Me?

Of course it will. Even the tough guys with the girls will be afraid. Trust us, we've seen it numerous times. Acting all tough and end up running and leaving the girls behind to be beheaded. Nice move jerk! Realistically though, we aim to scare and entertain. You'll have a good time and hopefully we'll cause a few nightmares later when mommy tucks you in...